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Do Not Turn the Other Cheek ---Too Soon

Too often somebody else is persuading us to get over "it". Such admonishments may come from the pulpit, our family,even one who has hurt us. Of course I know holding on to grudges and resentments can hurt us in many ways undermining our happiness and self esteem in the world. It takes a great deal of our precious life energy to drag along our well of injustices however. too soon often equates a superficial resolution at best
I have found however if I rush into the turning the other cheek business too soon it usually backfires in the big picture of my life. Under the above circumstances  I have not reflected and learned from the situation,  have denied it's due proces Sometimes this can order to either please somebody else, or to avoid continuing an unpleasant situation.

In order to process I have to face the situation squarely, including my anger, also my part in letting the injury happen.    (Please know I am not referring to horrible things that happen to some of us in childhood when we are helpless, most often professional help is the surest way through such pain)  I am for the most part referring to pain caused by our entanglement with others and not having the tools to deal forthrightly with situations as they arise . For instance after my divorce  I was very angry towards my ex for a while. It was not until I reflected on the whole picture and owned my part in the loss was I able to forgive him, then myself.  Do not forget yourself. Often we are holding ourselves in a harsh light.

Remember when we know better we do better. This goes for us all .Have you ever turned the other cheek too soon? Let me hear what you think about the idea that it is a process, have you had an experience of forgiving too soon ?
Blessings Laura