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I am devoted to helping people become more of what is possible for them. My commitment, actually my passion, is to help people become more fully alive.


Reflect on the following:
At which threshold are you now standing?
At this time in my life what do I need to leave?
What do I need to enter?
What fears are holding me back?
I remember as a little girl attempting to leave the house in a winter storm.  My mother yelled,” Laura don’t you dare cross that threshold”
Life is full of thresholds and I wonder, how many I have hesitated to cross that have nothing to do with my mother’s voice. To acknowledge that we fear the change that is necessary to go from the outer world to arrive at an inner depth is an important beginning in order to start the crossing with fear and all. It demands us to face our level of courage and nail it to the sticking place until we can call it, courage that is up at will.
Sometimes change is thrust upon us and there is no time for reflection, as our lives can change in a few minutes. In such situations there is no time to think or rationalize; we have to plough our very essence into finding meaning or a solution.  Often In those situations we amaze ourselves with an unknown level of courage  Other times we have the time to reflect on the limitations, the sameness of our lives, our need to change that is  and trip ourselves up with over thinking the situation until we squeeze all the juice out of it.
We fall back, and do not cross the necessary threshold.
Whatever your pattern take stock, and accept what is, be kind to yourself as you are-- now, not the ideal that you want to be.
You will cross when the pain of staying is worse than the fear of not knowing what the future holds.
Blessings to all, Laura.