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I am devoted to helping people become more of what is possible for them. My commitment, actually my passion, is to help people become more fully alive.

You Are Enough

We do a violence to our souls when we use precious energy comparing ourselves to others or strive towards some final destination, The striving to get beyond where we are to some imaginary landscape,is never satisfying and never enough.
Years ago in graduate school, I read a book "You Can't Push the River it Flows by Itself" And so it goes for us,if we push against our fears, and resistances too wildly, especially if we have not taken the time to understand what they mean, we may tear the tapestry of our being, complicating the process of wholeness. Each stage of our unfolding occurs as we are able to contain the inherent stretch.  Each threshold of growth stretches us as far as possible for now, so accept that we are in a place of waiting . and restoration. This allows our balance to readjust to the new and prepare for the next leg of our trip down the river.

Our fears tend to push us to act too quickly and the new we have not assimilated and reflected upon may get lost. This "in between" time tends to feed our harshest comparisons of self to others that we believe have done something similar in a better way.
Although our culture tends to push us forward, with  faster is better emphasis. This template fits very few of us really, unless we are willing to prostitute our deepest yearnings. So find your courage and say "no"to urgency.
When hurt,confused, or fearful wait a while, be patient and kind with yourself  knowing that your authentic self has its own rhythm. Know too without a quivver of a doubt that "You Are Enough"