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I am devoted to helping people become more of what is possible for them. My commitment, actually my passion, is to help people become more fully alive.

You Are Not Alone Out There

In today’s uncertain world, there is a thirst for meaning and purpose. It feels especially bleak when the illusion is pierced and a realization that being fully alive cannot be bought with a “Master Card.”
Sometimes life’s path is strewn with obstacles and it’s difficult to know where to take the next step. I liken it to my experience of rock climbing. Out there, high above my comfort level, I felt terribly alone and insecure, pulling myself up the rock one  excruciatingly step after another. I had  to figure out which little crevice, or hole, might hold hand, or foot, and keep my weight balanced, to get myself in the right position or "sweet spot"  to risk a leap upward. In other words, what should the next step be? Full of fear and excitement I totally forgot there was a belay, a safety harness and if I fell, I would not die. I’d probably dangle some, and get scratched, but it would not kill me. The fear or hesitancy might do me in, but not the fall.  As with many of the necessary changes we need to make in life, there were tools in place to protect me, but becoming overwhelmed with anxiety, I forgot.
Often in life when we are in despair over life’s struggles, not knowing which way to turn, we sometimes forget we are not alone. I would like to be a person in your life who gives you a “safety harness” of tools and encouragement. I want to help you tackle your climb with more intention and with the confidence to get beyond stuckness and fear. So you ask where do I start? Start with the first step,not the second or the third,  start with the hardest step, the first one .


It's so difficult to explain to someone how money is not only useless in some circumstances but also unnecessary in a lot of cases too , after going through a very "Difficult time" a couple of years ago, unfortunately, I became a "money hater" , I'm beginning to return to a balanced way of thinking about money but at that time in my life a million £'s would not have fixed my problems or mindset. Money is not the root of all evil, the way it is used however .... Well we all have our perceptions ! ;-)
Love the quote at top of page .